Waratah Brass has been a constant in the Newcastle and Lake Macquarie region for over 135 years.  We are the current Australian Champions in B grade and winners of the East Coast Championships for the last three years.

The band is recieves no government funding on a regular basis.  Therefore, we are looking to partner with local organisations on an ongoing basis.  What we are seeking is a cash sponsorship arrangement which will ensure that the band is able to continue to serve the community by providing music at concerts, community events, marches, competitions, and any event where music can be of use. 

We are heavily involved with the children of our region, and via our Academy band we provide an outlet for our young aspiring musicians to learn and continue the tradition of brass banding.

Waratah Brass has around thirty local band members, and The Academy band has approximately 28 members of  all ages.

What You Get
Each sponsor will be guaranteed a level of marketing and promotion relative to the support provided. We will tailor the marketing and promotion of your organisation to most effectively reach your (and our) target market.  This will typically include:

  • Sponsor mentions on our social media
  • Sponsor promotion at events where Waratah Brass is involved 
  • Sponsor promotion on marketing and promotional material
  • Sponsor name to be mentioned in marketing opportunities via radio, newspaper etc

Utilisation of funds
The cash sponsorship will be used in areas of most need for the band.  These include (but are not limited to):

  • Maintenance and repairs of instruments
  • Updating of uniforms
  • Purchasing Music
  • Insurance costs for instruments and Public Liability
  • Transporting of equipment to concert venues
  • Hiring concert venues

We welcome inquiries for any further information you may require.

Waratah Brass is a non for profit organisation