Arthur Howard

Arthur Howard was awarded a Life Membership in 1994 for service to the band. He joined the band in 1958 and played trombone with the band right through until the late 1990’s

Coralie Weber

Coralie Parrott was awarded a Life Membership in 1984 for service to the band. She joined the band in August 1968 when she was six years old under the instruction of the then band master Joseph Goodshaw. At that stage her sister and two brothers were also members of the band. She started off learning … Read more

Charles “Roy” Moore

Charles “Roy” Moore was awarded Life Membership of the band in 1964 for his valueable assistance of the years both as a player and as a member of the band.  At the time it was known as Waratah-Mayfield District & RSL Band.

Wallace (Wall) Jory

Wallace (Wall) Jory was the first ever member of the band to be awarded Life Membership.  He spent 49 of his 61 banding years with Waratah, including service as deputy bandmaster.