Waratah Brass – Newcastle Rebrands with a New Logo

Waratah Brass – Newcastle is delighted to announce we have a new logo!

Our new logo marks the return of our namesake and NSW State Flower, the Waratah (or for you anthophiles out there – Telopea speciosissima) which has represented the band throughout our long history.

Created by fellow bandsman and graphic designer, Roger Quinn, the logo is a convergence of both traditional and modern which is the perfect embodiment of our organization.

Both Waratah Brass and Waratah Brass Academy Band debuted the new logo on our uniforms at the recent East Coast of Australia Championships and it was great to be back on the contest stage, especially looking so sharp!

If you missed it in person, you can check out the new design on our website

as well as our socials and we’ll be decked out in the new uniform from here on out so you’ll see it at our upcoming events, including the NSW State Band Championships – hope to see you all there!