2020 NSW State Band Festival Online Results

Sunday November 15th was a fabulous day for our organization at the NSW State Band Festival Online.
Waratah Brass Academy Band have improved dramatically over the last year despite the challenges they faced with the COVID pandemic.  They entered four categories in the Open D Grade Brass section and won/placed in three:
  • tied 1st in the Concert Item
  • tied 3rd in the Sacred Item
  • tied 3rd in the Major Own Choice
Waratah Brass were successful in retaining their position as NSW B Grade state champions.  The results were:
  • 1st in the Sacred Item
  • 1st in the Major Own Choice
  • 1st in the March
  • tied 1st in the Concert Item
It was an interesting change to make recordings and submit them but something both bands quite enjoyed – especially in the absence of other options. 
Congratulations to the both bands and their Musical Directors and special thanks to David Jarrett for his time, equipment and expertise producing the recordings