Stephen Grice

Stephen Grice was presented with his life membership and commemorative plaque on 16th November, 2013. The following is a copy of the speech given at his endorsement:

Our Principal Euphonium player Stephen Grice started playing Tenor Horn at the age of 10. He quickly moved onto Trombone, then Baritone and finally settled right where he belongs, on Euphonium.

He came to Waratah Brass in 1984.

Landing a rare opportunity to hone his skills during a visit to the U.K in 1993, he was both talented and lucky enough to play with such reknowned British Brass Bands as Rothwell Temperance Band, Sellers International Band and BNFL (Leyland) Band.

As you have heard today, Stephen is a masterful musician who can produce a most magnificent sound. This, coupled with his technical prowess and his years of experience, make him an outstanding player. Stephen’s ability to collaborate with his bandmates both in his section and within the rest of the band also add to his appeal and make him a tremendous asset to our band.

Underneath his cheeful exterior, Stephen is a conscienous and serious bandsman and he has been instrumental in helping shape the musical program of the band over the last few years. Recently, he has drawn on his talent as a player as well as his enthusiam, humility, that trademark good cheer and a wealth of knowledge about brass bands and stepped in front of the band as the in-house conductor for Waratah Brass. I’m sure it is no surprise to anyone that he has already proven to be extremely capable.

He has spent thirty years dedicated to this band and today on behalf of the members, committee and supporters of Waratah Brass it gives me great pride and pleasure to endorse Stephen Grice as a Life Member of Waratah Brass.