Ron Grice

Ron Grice was awarded Life Membership of Waratah Brass in 2009 to acknowledge his major role and influence on the band.

Ron came to Waratah-Mayfield Brass Band from the Salvation Army in the mid-1980s and bought with him his passion, knowledge and love of brass bands.  The band rapidly improved under Ron’s direction and players were drawn to the band, looking to be part of what was a special band under the leadership of a tremendous band trainer.

Ron took the band from a solid C Grade community band, progressing to B Grade in 1992 where they won the National B Grade Brass Championship on their first attempt.

Quickly promoted to A Grade, the only A grade band outside of the Sydney area, the band continued to improve and remains an A Grade level band to this day.

Ron will be a part of Waratah Brass for evermore and his musical influence will be for there for all to hear and enjoy.