Grahame Scott

Grahame Scott was presented with his life membership and commemorative plaque on 20th December, 2020. The following is a excerpt of the speech given at his endorsement:

Grahame has been involved with Waratah Brass and Waratah Brass Academy band for a long period of time and has given his time to many positions within the organisation from being a very fine Bb bass player, Librarian, President, undertaking many aspects of the music system such as procuring new music, setting it up in the library, writing out missing parts and a whole myriad of other things as well as doing arrangements for the Academy Band.

Whilst President, Grahame led the band through some very difficult times, and to boot he was also custodian of the band trailer ensuring the instruments and equipment all arrived safely at the gig.

There is much more to Grahame Scott than meets the eye, but I’m sure everyone who has come in contact with him sees him as a man of true character and a friend.

The Committee at WB thought it was time to show our appreciation for what Grahame has done for the organisation.

So how does one recognise someone who over many years has and still is giving their heart and soul to something they are deeply passionate about?  A nice box of chocolates, that could work; a Bunnings voucher, he’s always tinkering with stuff; but no, we thought and were unanimous, in fact it was probably the fastest response I ever had from the committee in answering my email when I was president myself.

It was wholeheartedly agreed that there was only one thing that could be awarded to Grahame and that was life membership into Waratah Brass. We lost another life member this year in Jimmy McNeil and I think it’s only fitting that Grahame who was also a good mate of Jimmy’s be afforded this honour.

I’m sure Grahame recognises the significance of this award and so Grahame on behalf of Waratah Brass we say a massive thank you for your service to this band and now congratulate you as you are awarded life membership of Waratah Brass.